ABOUT Lawful Food

Lawful Food is a family-owned food business with extensive experience of more than 100 years. Thriving family chefs build ritual standards, take necessary precautions to fulfill Halal requirements and the experience allows to deliver quality with taste. These parameters enable us to maintain client retention and move with a trusted relationship with the customers.

Beef & Meal Kits

Lawful Food has always focused on organic food and Halal meat. However, quality and customer demand are also deployed while preparing the food. Therefore, our organic food and meal kits are Halal and trustworthy.

Make a Meal – Organic Food and Halal Meat

Whether our customers need organic veggies or Halal food, Lawful Food always tends to cook delicious, quality and Halal food. We supply customers in our home markets nationwide. We know what it takes to make Halal food which contains healthy ingredients. Our “make a Halal food” strategy makes our prepared meal maintain the Building Balanced Chain (BBC). We maintain BBC using farm management optimization, protein valorization and product specialization.

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