Beef and Meal Kits

Beef and Meal Kits

Beef and Meal Kits

Nutritional Meal Kits

Lawful Food has changed the meal kit service for the better by providing natural lean
Longhorn Beef. A 3-ounce serving of beef delivers about 50% of your recommended daily value of protein.

Make a meal

Of course, we are one of those platforms where you buy prepared meals or meal kits right here from our kitchen!

Organic meal

Whether you need halal raised beef or certified organic food, we prepare traditional meals for you.

Halal Beef

At Lawful Food, we raise only halal Longhorn Cattle Breed.

Customer Service

Our kitchen cooks what you ask for – no one can eat just one. 24/7 customer care assists our customers to let us know what they want and share feedback for quality assurance and improvement.


Company With

Today we provide grass fed longhorn halal raised beef that is in
agreement with all faith traditions, purists, health and quality
conscious food buyers.

This is 75% of the beef market. Because of our good and pure
lean beef product selection and quality, we are uniquely
positioned to serve a substantial segment of our target
customer base.

Longhorn Beef

Nutritional Comparison


We draw on 123 years of family food service proficiency to deliver a high standard of Meal Kit options and exclusive bulk boxed freezer/cooler butcher beef. Our halal raised healthy longhorn beef is paired with certified organic sourced lamb, chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables to make a variety of traditional memorable meals


  • Healthy and nutritious cooking made easy with organic and sustainable ingredients.
  • Cook fresh & tasty meals entirely from scratch, with exact ingredients.
  • Fresh, pre-cooked meals made with quality ingredients.
  • Make cooking a breeze. Choose from 15 prepped, portioned & meals per week.

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Make a Meal with Us

“Making a meal 100% HALAL” begins with being Halal Raised and certified organic which meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

100% Halal Food

Delicious beef with us guarantees halal. Our veggies, fruit, and halal products are prepared according to traditional means, keeping in mind ethical and cultural aspects.

Organic Food

Delicious organic food comes with a great reputation of striving for excellence, with more than 120 years in family food service business.

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